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Air Conditioned and Non-Air Conditioned Bus Services to Mansehra, Balakot and Naran

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Some Rent a Car/Transport Rental Companies

1.        Pakistan Tour Ltd, Flashman's Hotel, Rawalpindi,        Tel: 051-9272018, 9272017,

2.        Quick Tours, Muzaffar Chamber, Blue Area, Islamabad, Tel: 051-2274791, 2274792 Email:

3.        Mehran Travel, Allah Dad Plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Tel: 051-2854889, 223928 Email:

4.        Riaz Travel, Al-Abbas Centre, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Tel: 051-2278723

5.        Shani Tours, Dossal Arcade, Blue Area, Islamabad, Tel: 051-2828596, 2873083

6.        Sahara Travel, KKH, Mansehra, Tel: 0997- 203009, 0300-5254245

7.        Car on Call, Opposite Daewoo Bus Terminal, Abbottabad, Tel: 0992-381189, 0321-9821736

The road beyond Balakot was once fit only for four wheel drive vehicles. Visitors would have to leave their cars in Balakot and rent jeeps for the onward journey. Today, the road is suitable for vehicles, up to Naran, Adding a little flavor of the old days however, are a couple of glaciers that have not yet lost their snowpack in the early tourist season, and are difficult to cross with cars. From mid-June onward the road to Naran is open for regular cars, vans and coaches. If you are driving, always start early in the morning to safely reach your destination well before dark. To plan your trip, you can find some useful itineraries in “Plan your trip” section.

For those preferring public transport, travel by air conditioned bus service is an option. There are several bus companies with regular direct service to Balakot from Lahore and Rawalpindi. PTDC operates daily air conditioned bus service to Naran from Flashman’s Hotel in Rawalpindi at 9.00 am. Bookings can be made by calling at 051-9272017 and 9272004.

Daewoo operates the most comfortable and reliable air conditioned bus services on all major routes in Punjab and NWFP. They have frequent bus services to Abbottabad from where shuttles depart to Mansehra, the main station for the onward journey to Kaghan Valley. In addition, buses to Mansehra originate from Pir Wadhai bus stand in Rawalpindi. From Mansehra, one can find direct van service for Balakot, Kaghan and Naran. One can also hire a jeep from Balakot to go anywhere in the Kaghan Valley.   There are plenty of private jeeps for hire at Balakot, Kewai, Shogran, Kaghan, and Naran to go on various day trips. More information about the availability and rates of transport is given under Transport Facilities and Rates.
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