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Shogran is one of the most beautiful plateaus in the whole area and it is situated at a distance of 34 km from Balakot via Kawai. To reach Shogran you need to take a side road on the right from the village of Kawai which is at 27 km from Balakot. From here it is a steep road for eight km up to Shogran.   The road is metalled and normal cars and vans can make it to the village of Shogran.

At a good altitude of 7747 feet from sea level and being surrounded by thick pine forest, its climate is pleasant in the summer season. The best place to visit in Shogran is the rolling grassy lawns of Shogran’s forest rest house. The panoramic view of snow covered mountains from here is really breathtaking. High peaks of Kaghan Valley such as Musa Ka Musalla (4419m), Makra (3885m) and Malika Parbat (5290m) are visible from here.  There are number of small, medium and large hotels which provide boarding and lodging facilities to visitors.

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