A check list given below will help you to better prepare for a trekking trip to Kaghan Valley:-

Personal Use Items / Clothing

  • Large size rucksack to carry all required trekking gear
  • Day Pack to carry camera, snack pack and rain jacket etc.
  • Sleeping Bag of good quality to face cold temperature at night
  • Close cell foam mattress
  • Trekking boot well broken and durable with strong rubber sole.
  • Camp sandals to use while in camping and walking around
  • Water/wind proof jacket and trousers
  • Two to thee pair of extra clothing (preferably full length trouser and full sleeve shirts)
  • Three to four pairs of socks (woolen and nylon stuff)
  • Sun Hat for shade and to avoid sunburns
  • Woolen Camp to keep head warm during cold days and nights
  • Pair of Glovers (woolen and water proof)
  • Sun Glasses to protect eyes form shoe blindness
  • Walking Stick
  • Water Bottle
  • Head lamp or Torch with extra Battery cells
  • Pocket knife
  • Toilet kit including sun bock cream

Communal Use Items for whole group

  • Two or three person light weight  water proof tent
  • Small Stove with fuel
  • Plastic Can for water storage
  • Medical Kit (First Aid and basic medicines)
  • Cooking utensils (as per size of group)
  • Food stuff (according to the menu and number of persons and duration of trip)
  • Washing Kit (soap and detergents for kitchen and toilet use)
  • Match box
  • Map and Compass 
  • Binoculars or spotting scope
  • Camera with long life batteries and extra films

Check list for trekking and camping trip to Kaghan
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