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There are plenty of hotels at all the tourist places of Kaghan Valley. Balakot is the gateway town of Kaghan Valley where many tourists would like to  break their journey if they are comping from far off places. But for those who plan to start early from Rawalpindi and Islamabad usually like to spent their first night stay at Kaghan,  Naran or Shogran which are much more cooler and scenic places.

The hotels in the Upper Kaghan Valley (Kaghan, Naran, and beyond) usually remain open from May to late October. There are more than 400 hotels of different categories at Naran, 30 plus hotels at Shogran, Many other at Kawai, Mahandri, Paras, Kaghan, Batakundi and Burawai.   Items of daily use such as grocery, fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks and drinks etc. are all available in the bazaars of Balakot, Kewai, Paras, Mahandri, Kaghan and Naran. There are also many restaurants and road side tea stalls all these places where visitors can stop for meals, tea and cold drinks.

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