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What to Do

Trekking and Hill Walking

Kaghan is an excellent destination for trekking and hill walking. There are number of trekking routs. Brief description of some famous trekking routs is given in trekking in Kaghan secton. Naran, Shogran and Sharan are ideal base camps for one to three days trekking outings. There are also good opportunities for those who are interested in easy trekking, hill walking or nature study walks.  For organizing a trekking trip in Kaghan Valley, please send us an email at info.ijpl@gmail.com or Call at 0345-8566048

Mountain Climbing

Kaghan is also good place for amateur climbers to learn basic skills of mountain climbing. Malika Parbat (5291m), Musa Ka Mussalla (4076m) and Makra Top (3885m) are the main peak of Kaghan Valley. Although less in height but Malika Parbat is quite technical to climb. Information about the approach routes to these mountains is given in the trekking route section. For organizing a climbing expedition in Kaghan Valley, please send us an email at info.ijpl@gmail.com or Call at 0345-8566048

Mountain Biking

Since last year, Kaghan Valley has become venue of one of the most challenging mountain biking race in Asia. Amateur cycling enthusiasts and adventure tourists can enjoy mountain biking on the main route of Kaghan Valley. Especially a trip up to Babusar Top passing through the stunning landscape and settlements of friendly Gujars is without any doubt a rewarding experience.   For organizing a mountain biking trip in Kaghan Valley, please send us an email at info.ijpl@gmail.com or Call at 0345-8566048

River Rafting

River Rafting and kayaking are new sports currently under development along Kunhar River. Kunhar is the life line of Kaghan Valley is an excellent river for river rafting. Some of the sections between Naran and Balakot are quite technical and only suitable for experienced white water paddlers. But some of the sections above Naran and below Balakot are relatively of easy grade. Adventure Foundation Pakistan offer basic and advance training courses in river running during October and April.  For more information, please contact at info.ijpl@gmail.com or Call at 0345-8566048

Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is an other main activity in Kaghan Valley. You can fish for brown and rainbow trout in the crystal clear water of lakes of the valley and in the Kunhar River. Fishing permit can be obtained from the Fisheries Department at Shinu or at Naran. Bring you own angling gear. If you don’t have your own angling gear tryout in Naran Bazar, number of shop keepers offer it on rent.  Some people use fishing net and explosive material for fishing in river and lakes. Both of these methods are illegal and should be discouraged as they are harmful for the healthy growth of this delicate fish.

Jeep Safari

Beside short duration jeep rides to Sri Paya, Saiful Muluk, Lalazar and Sharan, Kaghan Valley also offers very thrilling jeep rides from Naran to Babusar Pass and Nori Top. All these places are unique in landscape and their details are given in the introduction section. While going on a longer duration jeep ride make sure that you have selected a good local driver and jeep for a safe journey on the rough roads. 

Pony Riding

Pony riding is favourite activity of most of the visitors from down country. Ponies are easily available at Naran, Saiful Muluk, Lalazar and Paya on rental basis. A ride around Lake Saiful Muluk can be a most enjoyable experience of your trip to Kaghan Valley. For adventure lovers a longer ride of two to three days in upper part of Kaghan Valley is strongly recommended. Especially a trip from Besal to Lake Dudupat Sar or Babusar Sar Top will be a thrilling experience.